How to Use a Fire Blanket

How to Use a Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are non-flammable blankets made out of glass fibre that are traditionally used on chip pan fires. They are normally kept in kitchens for emergency use.

When to Use a Fire Blanket?

It is very important that you only use fire blankets on fires smaller than the blanket. If it is bigger, leave it, get out of your property as quickly as possible and call the fire brigade.

Fire blankets are ideal for small stove fires in the kitchen but are also commonly used on people. If someone’s clothes are on fire, wrap the blanket around them. The blanket will smother the flames but the clothes won’t stick to their skin. Use a fire blanket if you also move through an area with fire. Ensure the blankets you own are non-flammable.

How to Use It Correctly?

  • Firstly, make sure the gas or electric supply is switched off.
  • Make sure you have the right fire blanket for the situation. Smaller fire blankets should be used for home use. They will often be made from synthetic materials. Larger fire blankets are to be used on industrial fires and these can either be made from synthetic materials or fire retardant wool.
  • Check the instructions on the fire blanket case.
  • Remove the blanket from its case and hold it by its straps.
  • Wrap the blanket around your hands. This will stop you getting burnt and so is very important. Use the top edge of the blanket for your hands so the rest of the blanket can be used on the fire.
  • Place the blanket on top of the fire. Don’t throw it in case you miss the fire. Smoke coming through the blanket is completely normal so don’t worry.
  • Leave the blanket until cool or at least an hour time has passed. If the fire isn’t extinguished after the fire blanket has been used, call the fire brigade.