Learn About Fire Extinguisher ID Signs with Fire Safety Store

by Curtis Worthington

Learn About Fire Extinguisher ID Signs with Fire Safety Store

We are the Fire Safety Store and your safety is our number one priority. The first step to safety is to be aware of the risks; the second step to safety is having the equipment to combat them. This article focuses on an important accessory to the second step- ensuring that everybody knows where the safety equipment is located, and how to use it effectively and safely. Having the correct signage goes a long way towards ensuring that in the event of an emergency, anyone in the vicinity can be of use.

Why Install Fire Extinguisher ID Signs?

The Short Answer

Fulfils legal requirements and recommendations

Provides instruction in the event of an emergency

Recommended in British Standards to be installed with each fire extinguisher


The Long Answer:

Fire extinguisher ID signs serve both a safety purpose and a legal purpose. As a safety precaution, a fire extinguisher ID sign provides a quick overview of the type of extinguisher it has been installed with, the classes of fire which that extinguisher is safe to be used on, the classes of fire which it is not recommended for, and any important safety considerations. For carbon dioxide extinguishers this includes a warning to not operate the extinguisher within a confined space, something which could result in suffocation due to lack of oxygen.

All extinguishers carry some form of risk and having the signage there at a time when people may not be thinking clearly can reduce the likelihood of severe consequences arising from misuse.

This ties in to the legal aspect of fire extinguisher ID signs. The ID sign itself is not mandated, but the contents are. The fire extinguisher symbol itself is legally required to be displayed at all fire points. It is also a legal requirement to provide instruction and training for not only safety equipment, but any tool intended for use by staff or the general public, which applies not only to fire extinguishers but also to fire hose reels and fire blankets. Failure to provide this training can leave businesses liable if a staff member or member of the public is injured as a result of improper use. Training and instruction can legally be provided via signage, which the fire extinguisher ID sign fulfils. British Standards BS5306-8:2012 suggest that extinguisher ID signs be provided above each individual extinguisher. This is not only to provide instruction but also to make it clear during safety inspections if an extinguisher is missing. This will usually be highlighted during a fire risk assessment and may be requested by your insurance company.

Fire extinguisher ID signs come in multiple varieties and positions. Here at the Fire Safety Store we stock fire extinguisher ID signs in self-adhesive, rigid plasticphoto-luminescent and prestige options, with a further option to have the signs in a portrait or landscape orientation for your convenience.

Self-adhesive signs are easy to securely attach to any surface, and rigid plastic signs are durable for use in harsh environments such as a commercial kitchen. Photo-luminescent signs glow in the dark and are therefore invaluable for night-time emergencies or for use during a power outage. Prestige options are available in polished gold, or stainless steel to match contemporary fire extinguishers.

If you have any questions relating to fire extinguisher ID signage, please contact our advisors on 0800 3160890 or  0330 058 0632