Legislation in the UK specifies that buildings must provide people with a means to recognise and find their way to a safe place or assembly point in the event of fire, lighting shortages or both. The law states that a property larger than 60 square metres should have emergency lighting in place that adheres to light and glare levels as well as routine testing periods.

Emergency lighting are smart pieces of technology. They have the ability to know exactly when the power supply has been compromised and instantaneously flick on using an alternative power source.

Emergency lighting and emergency signs can be crucial in an evacuation situation. If there is a power failure, it can be difficult to make your way out of the building and could cause potential hazards to you and others around you. Remember, there probably isn’t going to be a substantial amount of time to evacuate. Doing so in pitch black darkness is never going to help anybody’s cause.

Employees will all be familiar with fire evacuation plans – that should be a given. Fire drills will probably back up this idea. Although fire drills are somewhat quiet and calm practices, the real life event of a fire can often see many people panic, rush and charge for the exits. Doing this with insufficient illumination can lead to serious consequences.

With this being said it is clear that emergency lighting and signage is an important element in any fire safety plan. There are two types of emergency lighting and here at Fire Safety Store, we have products that fit into both categories.

Non-Maintained Emergency Lighting - This is a light fitting containing one or more lamps all of which operate from the emergency supply only following the mains failure. These are used by warehouses, shopping centres and public buildings in case of an emergency power failure.

Maintained Emergency Lighting - This is a light fitting containing one or more lamps all of which operate from both the normal and emergency supply at all time. These should be used to highlight fire exits and escape routes.

The type of emergency lighting you require will depend on what is most suitable to ensure the safety of people in your building. Different rooms of different sizes will obviously need to have more or less levels of lighting depending on this. This should always be checked before an accident happens.

Emergency lighting needs to be continuous for a three hour period and all of our products comply with this necessity. If you require more information on these features, or any other fire safety equipment, don’t be afraid to give us a call on: 0800 316 0890 and we will be happy to assist you further.