Make no mistake about it; a fire is a big emergency. Imagine the fear that sweeps across the body when seemingly trapped or unable to negotiate a way to an emergency exit. We have made it our mission to alleviate these concerns as much as possible by providing an extensive range of evacuation and emergency escape equipment. All of these products have been designed and manufactured with safe removal of personnel in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Certain groups, such as those with disabilities, may face a bigger struggle than others to get out of a burning building. Our range takes this into account and aims to provide adequate assistance for all groups of people.

In our extensive product range, you will find a wide scope of equipment that can ultimately help and assist your evacuation procedures.

  • Evacuation Blankets: We carry both foil and cotton evacuation blankets. They both use technologies that trap air and retain body heat. This helps fight the effects of shock and potential hypothermia
  • Evac+Chairs: The Evac+Chair is the original and most famous of all evacuation chairs. It is simple in its use and paramount in its safety, just about anybody can use it. Of course, elevators are off limits in the event of a fire and the Evac+Chair is capable of working its way down stairs, meaning it has the ability to save lives. We also provide other brands of evacuation chairs with similar qualities.
  • Fire Escape Ladders: Perhaps fire escape ladders are almost as movie props, the can be invaluable pieces of emergency escape equipment. Fires don’t always conveniently allow you a safe passage and sometimes more unconventional means of escape are necessary. Our steel fire ladders are very lightweight and can provide a quick escape from most types of property. They are already fully assemble and make use of a unique tangle-free design to ensure that they are always ready to go.
  • Megaphones: Maybe a lesser considered item of evacuation equipment, a megaphone can provide vital warning in the event of an emergency. Our megaphones are made especially to help make others aware of an outbreak of fire.
  • Axes, Hammers and Torches: Axes, hammers and torches have been essential tools for firefighting for many centuries. Perhaps not as vital as they once were, they still have a major role to play, especially in dark and obstructive spaces and circumstances. The axes and hammers on offer have been constructed with usability in mind and are lightweight whilst still delivering the necessary force needed to break out off most blocked areas and rooms.

Take a look through our range of emergency escape equipment and see how any of them can offer an upgrade to your current protocol. Don’t forget, our phone lines are completely free to call. So if you are after something you can’t find, or just want some general advice, get hold of us on: 0800 316 0890.