Evacusafe - Excel Model Evacuation Chair

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We believe the ultimate evacuation chair for both client and operator, the Excel model with its 182Kg weight capacity offers enhanced features as standard to extend its potential operating use for any organisation. Be it staff, visitors or members of the public who may require assistance, the Excel chair can do the job.


  • Fold flat for wall mounting
  • Additional leg strap
  • Integrated carry handles
  • 3-point client support harness
  • Anti-slip operator handles
  • Padded head cushion
  • Foot rest
  • Weight bearing armrests
  • Wide flat seat, fully open
  • 4 permanently deployed wheels with safety break on rear


  • Takes up minimal wall space
  • Extra safety strap to secure legs of persons with minimal to zero control
  • Option to ascend stairs or over obstacles via integrated handles
  • Extra handling grip for operator during use
  • Over shoulder harness helps those with weak core strength and offers additional safety over single belt
  • Flat seat provides familiar and comfy seating position
  • Cushion offers support of head during the descent
  • 4 wheels aid manoeuvrability on any level ground
  • Open seat and weight bearing armrest make self-transfer for wheelchair users easier

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