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Lighting Accessories

At the Fire Safety Store the lighting accessories include test keys, battery packs (side by side and stick pack with leads), replacement lamps and STI Anti-vandal cages.

The emergency lighting keys and switches are available as MK, MEM and Crabtree emergency lighting test key. The emergency lighting test keyswitch can also be purchased.

The replacement lamps include the 28W lamp, 2D LED tray for 12W and 18W 2D lamps and 8W T5 fluorescent lamp. A variety of battery packs are available including emergency lighting battery pack (side by side) and (stick pack with leads) in sizes 2.4V, 3.6V and 4.8V.

A range of STI anti-vandal cages are also available to keep your emergency lighting, external lighting, smoke beams and CCTV protected against vandalism and misuse.