Fire doors are perhaps one of the most underestimated fire protection devices that are in place. In most cases, a fire door functions and performs as any regular door would, allowing entry and exit to a room. Where fire doors show their sometimes subtle worth though is in the unfortunate event of a blaze starting to make its way through a building.

Fire doors are built and installed with the intention of stopping or slowing the pace of fire, smoke and fumes from one area of a building to others. They allow for time needed to escape a burning building to be provided and aim to ensure the safety of people within the premises.

For fire doors to have the desired effect, they should be kept both closed and clear at all times. This stops fire spreading from the origin of the blaze to other areas and departments and is the reason we think it’s important to stock door closers, panic latches and bolts.

Door closers are essentially hinges that automatically reclose an opened fire door. They are built with fire reduction in mind and fit most standard fire doors but you should always check that any door closers you purchase are suitable for your doors. Product descriptions can give you a better idea of suitability.

Fire Safety Store’s panic latches have been approved by local authorities and fire services. Their purpose is to ensure that double sized doors remain closed. They are easy to open and automatically lock any opened door securely shut once it has been opened.

Fire door panic bolts allow people to exit a door that is only used for emergencies. The bolts are only breakable by using the attached hammer to break a tube. Once broken, the latch will automatically open the latch providing an evacuation route.

We don’t just supply closers, latches and bolts. There are further items of fire door furniture that may prove handy in the event of the outbreak of fire:

Fire Protective Mailboxes: Anti arson mailboxes are self-extinguishing. If for any reason, there is fire present, it takes a maximum of 15 seconds for the equipment to neutralise the blaze.

Fire Door Key Boxes: Ideal to maintain anti tampering measure on fire doors, key boxes are used to store a fire door key behind a thin sheet of glass. This makes it easy to see if anybody has been messing with the fire doors as the evidence will be clear.

Our entire range of fire door equipment supplied by Fire Safety Store, comfortably meets fire and safety regulations, giving you a little bit of peace of mind should disaster strike. Browse our selection of safety equipment and let us know if you need any help. We have a freephone number where you can reach us on: 0800 316 0890. Our dedicated sales team are happy to offer you advice, answer your questions and tell you more about our great quality products.