MK1 Redlam Door Panic Bolt

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The Redlam panic bolt is the economical solution the the problem of providing reliable security for internal emergency exits without jeopardising a safe escape in an emergency. In the event of an emergency, the ceramtube is broken with a small hammer that is chained to the unit, resulting in the panic bolt sliding back automatically and unlocking the door. Simply fit a padlock to the bolt to prevent the tube from being removed. If this is done, we recommend a glass key box to hold the key but the panic bolt is an efficient way to protect the door without the need for a padlock.

The product comes with a ceramtube, the hammer and chain to break the lock and all the fittings but hammers and chains as well as replacement tubes can be purchased additionally after use to prevent the need to buy an entire new lock.

This lock has been designed so when the tube is broken, no sharp edges are present.


  • Product is supplied with one Ceramtube, hammer and chain and fixings
  • Ceramic and glass replacement tubes available in packs of 20 or individually
  • Manufactured from cast aluminium
  • Ceramtubes are designed to produce no sharp edges when broken
  • Simple to install and easy to use
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