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Fire Brigade Equipment

Here at Fire Safety Store, we are proud to be able to supply fire brigade equipment for UK Fire Services nationwide. We have a large range of genuine and high quality products available for use by trained professionals. All of our products are totally legally compliant with British Fire Services standards and regulations and come complete with a five year warranty to ensure that only the best quality is received.

Our extensive range covers many vital pieces of fire brigade equipment essential for any toolbox of spare or new parts.

  • Standpipes: Standpipes are a necessity for fire brigades. We offer both single head and double head varieties as well as a contractors version. The majority of those we carry have a 2.5” female BRST inlet made of top quality aluminium in accordance with BS 750.
  • Fire Hydrant Keys and Bars: To complement our standpipes, we also supply hydrant keys and bars available in aluminium or steel to fit UK underground hydrant valves.
  • Instantaneous Washers: All of our instantaneous washers fit 64mm standpipes – the standard and usual size.
  • Fire Hose with Couplings: Fire hoses from Fire Safety Store come in two size and complete with couplings and are heat, twist and rot resistant for safety, practicality and longevity.
  • Instantaneous Couplings: Manufactured to BS336 standards in compliance to British standards, our light alloy instantaneous couplings fit our 60ft fire hoses.
  • Leather Strap and Padlock: Dry risers can become tamper resistant with leather straps and padlocks. Our product stops potential miscreants from interfering with globe valves and is available in 13.75” and 22” sizes.
  • False Valves: We supply 19mm false valves that can be used to reduce the size of a hydrant key to fit specific valves.
  • Instantaneous Integral Diffuser: To alter a curtain of water to a wide spray, our instantaneous integral diffuser is ideal. It features an adjustable nozzle to set the desired spray.
  • Plugs and Chains: We supply both rubber and alloy plugs and chains to prevent dirt from getting into valve and seal off the supply of water. To fit with standpipes, our plugs are 2.5” male fittings.
  • Branchpipes and Nozzles: The 2.5" Lever Operated Nozzle has a lever that operates the nozzle to the on and off position to release or prevent the water supply. The nozzle is for use with the 2.5" (64mm) layflat hosing.

The fire brigade is an integral part of any society. They offer us around the clock protection and action and have countless lives each and every year. We wholeheartedly appreciate the commendable service that British Fire Services provide and understand that they cannot wait around for urgently needed fire brigade equipment. Here at Fire Safety Store, we guarantee next working day delivery for orders placed before 2pm.

If you require any further information about our products, please don’t hesitate to call our Freephone number on: 0800 316 0890 and one of our friendly and dedicated team members will be on hand and happy to help.