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So, you're aware of the types of fire and the relevant extinguisher and equipment that can be used to either prevent or combat these blazes. You may even feel confident enough that you have implemented and demonstrated your fire safety plan and evacuation procedures to the point that you know everyone is on the same page in the event of a fire. That’s great news, but what about fire extinguisher spares?

It's likely that you haven’t given this a second thought, after all they aren’t the most striking or obvious of items when it comes to fire safety. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your extinguishers are currently sitting on the floor as the wall mounting has come off. Maybe you’ve given or received a demonstration on how to use certain fire extinguishers and now anti-tamper seals need replacing. Not to worry, Fire Safety Store has the fire extinguisher spare part you need.

Along with our wide range of fire extinguishers we also supply extinguisher spare parts. We are extremely competitive on price with replacement parts costing as little as 95p:

  • J Type Brackets: These are used to fix all types of fire extinguisher to a walls and other surfaces with the exception of carbon dioxide extinguishers. 1kg/1litre and 2kg/2litre fire extinguishers are supplied with their own wire bracket and do not require additional hooks. They appear in a ‘J’ shape and are free from corrosion forever as they are zinc plated.
  • Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher Brackets: Available in two different sizes to accommodate both 2kg extinguishers and 5kg extinguishers, these contain short pins to allow secure hanging. They are plated with zinc to avoid the risks of rust.
  • Anti-Tamper Seals: Anti-tamper seals provide a self-explanatory service. They cannot be removed from an extinguisher without clear indication. With that being said, they cannot be reapplied again. Replacements are available that are easy to fit and easy to fit to any desired extinguisher.

Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list of the fire extinguisher spares that we can offer you. We have many more items in stock. Browse our fire extinguisher parts category to see more. Don’t forget, we offer a fast & reliable next working day delivery service for all orders placed before 2 pm.

If you are unsure of which extinguisher spare parts you require please give our team a call on 0800 316 0890 and one of our dedicated sales team will be happy to take your call and advise you appropriately.