FirePower Fire Extinguisher Recharging Adapter (Tool 6)

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The Thomas Glover FirePower Recharging Adapter (tool 6) is used for recharging the Thomas Glover FirePower range of Fire Extinguishers. Simply by removing the hose / nozzle depending on model and screwing the Charging Adapter into the hose outlet allows the Fire Extinguisher to be re-pressurised. The filling adapter can be used on the following models stated below:

6Ltr Water, 9Ltr Water, 3Ltr Water Additive, 6Ltr Water Additive, 2Ltr Foam, 3Ltr Foam, 6Ltr Foam, 9Ltr Foam, 1Kg Powder, 2Kg Powder, 4Kg Powder, 6Kg Powder, 9Kg Powder & 6Ltr Wet Chemical.


  • Easy to use
  • Annual service requirement
  • Ideal for re-pressurising fire extinguishers

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