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Fire Hose Reels & Accessories

Fire hose reels aren’t as common as you’d think. You’ve probably seen them, or know what they are, but how prevalent are they? It is recommended that they are only used when a fire risk assessment that has been carried out has identified a specific use or need for the equipment due to not many people being trained in their use.

If you’ve identified that you require a fire hose reel or been recommended that you should probably have one in place, there are then certain issues to ponder when deciding what type to go for. There are two main types of reel:

  • Automatic fire hose reel: Automatic reels are made with a pull system that automatically initiates the water supply. When the hose is pulled, the reel turns on the water and provides a quick access without the need for tap turning.
  • Manual fire hose reel: A manual fire hose reel works with more or less the same principals as an automatic hose reel. The difference that does exist between the two though is the way water supply is engaged. A person using a manual fire hose reel would be required to turn on the water at the tap before operating the reel.

Both types of reel do the same job and provide the same end product. An automatic fire hose reel will be easier and quicker to access and use as there are no other demands to be met before using it.

A fire hose reel can potentially last a lot longer than an extinguisher. Extinguishers are usually emptied within a matter of minutes but a hose can keep fighting fire as long as there is a water supply. That doesn’t mean that a person who isn’t a fully trained firefighter should be tackling large fires but it can provide an extra couple of minutes when they are needed. Make sure that people who may use a reel do not stay longer than they have to. Chances are they are going to unable to put out the fire and will spend wasted time inhaling toxic smoke and fumes.

As fire hose reels use water, they should only be used on certain types of fire. They are suitable for fires containing solids such as paper and plastic. Never use water on other types of fire, especially electrical fires and burning fats and oils.

Here at Fire Safety Store, we stock only the best. This is why all our fire hose reels are manufactured by experts NOHA and are Kitemarked to BSEN694 and BSEN671. We have a selection of wall mounting automatic or manual swinging fire hoses available with jet spray nozzles.

We also stock spare parts so if your old hose needs a new valve or nozzle, we are happy to supply you with new fixtures. All spare parts have a 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee to support our quality claims.