FireGuard 6Ltr Alcohol Resistant Foam Fire Extinguisher

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This FireGuard 6Ltr AFFF Alcohol Resistant Foam Fire Extinguisher is amongst the most popular due to their ability to provide a fast and effective way of tackling fires involving flammable liquids. The aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) forms a seal over the surface to prevent re-ignition.

The Alcohol Resistant Foam Fire Extinguishers are ideal for fighting fires involving alcohol and methanol which are common in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and distilling industries as well as in the production of adhesives.

AFFF foam is best suited for class B fires (petrol, oil and paint) and class A fires (paper, textiles and wood etc).All of our fire extinguishers are Kitemarked to BS EN3, CE Marked and carry a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

This 6Ltr foam extinguisher has a squeeze grip that is easy to use and the spray nozzle helps put out the fire faster. There is an easy to read pressure gauge on the extinguisher and it comes already filled and pressurised. The inside of the extinguisher has a Polyethylene lining to protect it against corrosion, so your extinguisher is safe and will last until its expiration date.This foam fire extinguisher comes with a mounting bracket so you can attach it to the wall until you require it.

Please note: AFFF Foam fire extinguishers should NOT be used on live electrical equipment.


  • Next Day Delivery (if ordered before 2pm)
  • Fire Rating 13A 144B
  • Easy to use - squeeze grip to operate with spray nozzle
  • Polyethylene internal lining to safeguard against corrosion
  • Easy to read pressure gauge
  • Mounting bracket provided
  • Supplied ready filled and pressurised

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