FireChief 10Kg Automatic Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

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Automatic fire extinguishers are designed to detect and extinguish fires as quickly as possible. They are used in engine rooms, small compartments and where expensive equipment is kept. The automatic fire extinguishers can find and solve a fire problem faster than a worker would even be made aware of an issue so are a worthy extinguisher for warehouses, computer rooms and engine rooms in boats or trains. Our extinguishers are an advanced version of the old Halon fire extinguisher, the only difference being the new ones don't leave any residue so your mahcinery is safe.

The extinguisher can be used to target class A, B and C fires as well as fires caused by electrical problems. There is also an easy to read pressure gauge on the extinguishers to make inspections more convenient. The FireChief 10kg Automatic Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher is a popular choice.


  • Fitted with 68°C red bulb sprinkler head
  • Pressure gauge enabling checks to be made
  • For Class A, B and C type fires
  • Suitable for electrical fires 
  • Filling weight of 13.34kg
  • Duration of discharge - 20 seconds
  • Temperature range (degrees): -20 To +60
  • CE approved
  • Passed 35kv conductivity (dielectric) discharge tested

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