FireGuard 1Kg Automatic Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

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The FireGuard 1kg Automatic FE-36 Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher is a popular choice for delicate enclosed areas such as computer rooms, telecomms cabinets and boat engine compartments. These Fire Extinguishers are the equivalent to the old Halon Extinguishers and have the same fire fighting ability without damaging the environment as they don't lave residue behind after use.

The product has a sprinkler head for increased extinguish and comes with a wired bracket to gold it in place and keep it away from potential damage.

There is a pressure gauge on the side of the extinguisher. You will be required to carry our regular inspections on your extinguisher and our pressure gauge has been designed specifically to make it easy to read.

This economical option is ideal for unmanned areas.


  • Compact and economical
  • 1kg provides protection for maximum enclosed volume of 1.7 cubic metre area
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
  • Fitted with 79°C red bulb sprinkler head
  • Pressure gauge enabling checks to be made
  • Supplied with powder coated steel wire bracket

Technical Data

Fire Extinguisher

FireGuard 1Kg Automatic Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher
Product Code:
1 Kilogram
Filling Weight (kg):
Duration of Discharge:
7 Seconds
Temperature Range:
-30 To +60
CE Approved:
Passed 35Kv Conductivity (Dielectric) Discharge Test:

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