Large Home / Landlords Fire Safety Pack

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 x FireGuard 2Ltr AFFF Foam Fire Extinguisher
  • 1 x Landscape Photo-luminescent AFFF Foam Spray Fire Extinguisher Sign
  • 1 x Landscape Photo-luminescent Fire Blanket Sign
  • 1 x 1-10 Person First Aid Kit
  • 1 x 1.0m x 1.0m Fire Blanket (Economy)
  • 1 x Fire Angel SB1-T 1 Year Optical Battery Powered Smoke Alarm
  • 1 x Kidde 5COLSB 7 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm
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This Large Fire Safety Pack is ideal for personal protection at home or even for landlords that rent property. This Pack has been designed around our Fireshield Fire Extinguisher range which are widely recognised and trusted, they have become well known for their high quality finish and reliability.


  • 1 x 2ltr foam fire extinguisher
  • 1 x 1.1x1.1m fire blanket
  • 1 x 1-10 person first aid kit
  • 1 x FireAngel SB1-T optical smoke alarm
  • 1 x Carbon monoxide alarm
  • 1 x Foam identification sign
  • 1 x Fire blanket identification sign

Foam Extinguishers: are ideally suited where both class A & B fire risks exist. Aqueous Film Forming Foam or AFFF is particularly suited to fight liquid spill fires such as petrol, oil, fats, paints, etc. and works by forming a film on the liquid to extinguish the fire.

Fire Blankets: extinguish the fire by forming an air tight seal which smothers the fire and cuts off the supply of oxygen.

First Aid Kits: are essential in any work place regardless of the size of premises. Contains everything you are likely to need to administer first aid at work.

FireAngel SB1-T optical smoke alarm: offers protection around the home from the dangers of smoke and fire.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms: provide protection by detecting deadly carbon monoxide levels in your home.

Identification Signs: a photo-luminescent sign showing the relevant person exactly what type of fire the extinguisher can and cannot be used on.

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