FireGuard 6Ltr Wet Chemical Extinguisher

FireGuard 6Ltr Wet Chemical Extinguisher

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The extremely effictive FireGuard 6Ltr Wet Chemical Extinguisher has been specifically designed for fighting class F fires involving cooking oil and fat. This is the largest wet chemical extinguisher we stock, at 6Ltr, and is best suited for larger kitchens and food outlets. The size may be best suited for school canteens.

It's capability to tackle such fires makes the Wet Chemical extinguishers the ONLY recommended Fire Extinguishers suitable for use on cooking oil fires but it may also be used on class A fires involving textiles, wood and paper.This extinguisher comes with a specific hose swivel joint which allows easy navigation when extinguishing fires.

It has a fire rating 13A and 75F and is manufactured from stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

It has a five year manufacturers warranty for your peace of mind and we also include a free mounting bracket with the extinguisher.


  • Fire rating 13A 75F
  • Manufactured from stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Also suitable to be used on fires involving free burning material (class A)
  • The chemical seals the surface of the burning oil to prevent re-ignition
  • Supplied with a unique hose swivel joint for ease of direction of discharge

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