Intumescent Wraps

A strip of intumescent material clad in foil which can be cut to size and wrapped around any type of pipe or cable, providing an effective fire stopping barrier. Available in a wide range of sizes, or in a 10m continuous roll form which can be cut to any size.

  • Used for fire-stopping gaps around cables and pipes from 15mm-600mm diameter as they pass through block and brickwork walls, floors or ceilings
  • Will crush melting PVC or UPVC pipes/cables in a fire, filling the gap to prevent fire and smoke spreading
  • Provides effective insulation for metal pipes, absorbing the heat from the pipe to prevent it from spreading through the structure
  • 25mm wraps will provide 1 hour protection, 30mm wraps will provide 3 hours protection, 50mm and 100mm wraps will provide 3-4 hours
  • Available in a continuous 10m roll which can be cut to size to fit services of practically any diameter
  • Range also includes a repair kit which can be used to fill small openings around existing services, offering up to 2 hours fire resistance
  • Materials will not degrade, lasting a lifetime in-situ