Fire alarms are a major part of fire safety. Building regulations state that any properties built after 1992 require a mains operated alarm and for older properties, battery powered alarms are recommended. Fire alarms are also recommended by HSE to ensure safety at work. We stock a selection of alarms to suit your needs with our range including smoke alarms and manual alarms.

Our range at Fire Safety Store caters for construction sites, temporary working environments and camp sites. Safety is important and fire alarms are crucial to protect yourself and the people around you. Our temporary alarms are easy to use and can be linked with other alarms for larger premises.

When a fire breaks out, there must be a system in place that warns people of the dangers that are currently in place. Fire alarm equipment can achieve this in a number of ways and provide the time needed to evacuate the area and ensure the safety of those around. It goes without saying that nobody wants to see any harm done to individuals or groups of people.

Fire alarm equipment, protocols and systems should be implemented in any building and workers or dwellers aware of the notifications provided when there is a need to escape. Most business premises will have an evacuation and fire plan in place which uses different fire alarm equipment for different purposes.

Manual fire alarms are possibly the first warning of fire or gas complications. The traditional fire alarm bell still remain present to this day and its unambiguous siren is recognisable to all ears. There are situations where alarm bells are not accessible. This can be worked around with the use of triangle fire alarms and emergency horns. They require no power to be sounded and still give a strong sense of warning – particularly useful on construction sites and open air situations.

Here at Fire Safety Store, we also stock wireless fire alarms. Again, these are incredibly useful to construction sites that tend to have audial and visibility issues due to the nature of the work going on within. There are no clumsy cables to be wired up and therefore temporary sites receive the temporary solution they need.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that there are many products that need to be considered in a fire alarm system. As well as the actual siren, cables, fire alarm testing equipment, alarm devices and panels all have their part to play in the safety of their respective system.

Fire Safety Store is a recommended reseller of the Evacuator and Howler Fire Alarm products and we have the full range available online. Feel free to give us a call if you can’t find something you are looking for.