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Fire call points are very important aspects of raising the alarm in the event of fire. They are pivotal in expressing that there is an immediate danger present and alerting everybody in the building and vicinity that premises need to be immediately evacuated.

Some call points however are easily accidentally triggered simply by knocking them whilst standing close. Of course, these necessary units cannot be locked away as instant access is required at all times. That’s where fire alarm call point protectors can be of great value. They have been preventing illegitimate alerts the world over for a number of decades and continue to be used to an extensive degree.

By placing a solid casing to the exterior of a call point, it is impossible to unintentionally push the button and sound the alarm. Call point protectors provide a simple lift to access flap that is unable to be compromised through any other means.

Here at Fire Safety Store, it is our pleasure to be able to supply you with easy to install call point protectors that protect against false fire alarms without restricting genuine use of call points. Our products are available for both flush and surface mounted points so you can be sure to find the right solution for you.

Made using durable polycarbonate, our range of call point protectors are tough and strong and come complete with a lifetime guarantee against breakages under normal conditions. You also have the option for your covers to come with an integral sounder and fitted with a tamper evident seal making it clear to see if they’ve been touched for an added sense of security.

Our team of experts at Fire Safety Store are always on hand to give advice and listen to any questions or queries that you have. To find out more about call point covers, or any of the items you can find across our online catalogue, give us a call on: 0800 316 0890 and we’d be more than happy to help you resolve any issues.

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