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Evacuator Fire Alarms

Here at Fire Safety Store, we understand that conventional alarms are not always feasible or appropriate. Take construction sites for example. They are often huge, open workspaces full of heavy and loud machinery and because of this, hearing standard alarms when they are ringing may be somewhat difficult. Of course, workers and visitors in such locations still need to be aware if a fire was to break out.

Our fire safety products accommodate all industries and environments and we have the solution for potentially dangerous situations where domestic sirens won’t really do the job.

Our range of evacuator fire alarms offer instant fire protection. They are able to be linked to up to twenty other onsite alarms, meaning when one is triggered the whole network is sounded and immediate and safe evacuation of the location can be achieved simply and easily. If one unit is being used as a standalone warning system, there is no need whatsoever for any sort of wiring. . The lack of wiring means that these units are battery operated and each one sold by us is provided with the right battery before being sent out. Wiring isn’t too much of an issue should you be multilinking several units though as the only thing required would be 2 core cable to get your system in place.

The easy to see and press, giant buttons on evacuator fire alarms are accompanied by flashing beacons which help to increase awareness on noisy sites, even in the unlikely event that some workers are unable to hear the distinct sound of a prompted siren.

Construction sites aren’t the only places that evacuator fire alarms can help protect. Wired fire alarms aren’t possible outdoors and these units are growing in popularity amongst campsites, outdoor festivals and events and temporary buildings where installing alarm systems isn’t logical.

Evacuator fire alarms are easy to use, reliable and are protected by a secure case to lessen any chances of damage, especially on sites where materials and objects can often pose a problem to maintenance.

At Fire Safety Store, we realise there is an urgent need for suitable fire protection. We offer a next day delivery service when you place your order before 2pm. To find out more about delivery, evacuator fire alarms or any products you find across our site, give us a call on 0800 3160890 today and one of our expert team will talk you through exactly what you want to know.

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