Evacuator Site Guard Plus Push Button Fire Alarm

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The Evacuator Site Guard Plus is a fire alarm best suited for temporary sites or emergency use. The alarm is easy to set up and only takes a matter of minutes, and is easy to use. You can activate the alarm with the large red button on the front and you can reset it by simply turning the button anti-clockwise after use. This Evacuator alarm has a flashing beacon for increased warning on loud or large sites, where hearing may be impaired. This alarm can also multilink with other Evacuator alarms for increased awareness.

The alarm is battery powered (battery supplied), this battery can easily be replaced.


  • Simply push the red centre button to activate the alarm
  • Supplied with 9v PP9 battery and two re-setting keys
  • For location where conventional fire alarm is inappropriate
  • Supplied with flashing beacon as standard
  • Multilink allows Evacuator alarms to be linked together
  • Mounted within minutes

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