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Howler Fire Alarms

The benefits of fire alarms are recognised the world over. In short terms, fire alarms save lives and are vital pieces of fire safety equipment. There are scenarios however, where fire alarms are not operational or functional, such as construction sites and temporary buildings where it is not feasible to install an alarm system or it is yet to be implemented into a new building.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that these sites should be without an efficient way to alert of fire. That’s where our fantastic range of Howler fire alarms can be of great use. Ideal for situations where a standard alarm is unconventional, their 118dB siren twinned with their bright, red strobe light ensure maximum awareness once they are sounded.

Howler fire alarms can be standalone functioning fire warning devices or work as part of a bigger network of alarms. They can be interconnected so that when one alarm button is pushed, every linked siren and strobe light is triggered. This makes them perfect for large and noisy sites as only one needs to be initiated for a clear, audible and visible caution to immediately evacuate site wide.

Howler fire alarms make use of a push switch which activates the alarm. They work on a battery based basis which means that at some point, you may have to change the batteries to ensure that alarms are ready to be activated and work properly should they need to be used. These alarms will warn of low battery conditions by producing a warning sound to ensure that you are not left without adequate fire safety.

Howler fire alarms provide a quick and reliable way of raising the alarm in an emergency, especially in buildings or sites where there is no wired alarm system in place for whatever reason. If you can’t decide which alarm is best for your situation, or for any other questions, queries or comments, call a member of our helpful team on 0800 3160890 and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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