Howler GoLink Site Alarms

From the experts at Howler - a radio linked fire warning system which is simple to install, use and maintain.
  • EASY-TO-USE CONTROL PANEL – Hot keys for self-explanatory operation. Optional system settings including Two Stage Alarm, Automatic Battery Test, Siren Time-out. Optional mains powered PSU for longer battery life. Relay outputs for interfacing with other systems

  • SPEEDY SET-UP – No requirement for specialist gear or laptop. Stations connect automatically with the Control Panel once they have been addressed.

  • MESH NETWORK CONNECTIVITY – Up to 127 stations can be connected on the system, in a mesh network ensuring that the messages get through.

  • CONTINUOUS FAULT MONITORING – The panel constantly monitors connections between stations, and gives you warning if any station becomes disconnected, or if batteries become low.

  • AUTOMATIC DETECTION – Hardwired and wireless smoke and heat alarms available for early warning.

  • LOW MAINTENANCE FEATURES – Test Mode function for speedy walk test. Off-the-shelf, recyclable alkaline batteries are economical and quick to replace.

  • ANTI-TAMPER FEATURES – Security hex-key entry to prevent unauthorised access. Antenna are contained within the casing to prevent damage and interference.

  • EXTERNAL ANTENNA ON CONTROL PANEL – Optional external antenna available for use where the Control Panel is sited in a cabin remote from the Howlers.