Howler AD02 Go Link Auto Dialler

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The Howler GoLink Autodialler is the perfect bolt-on to the Howler GoLink range, being able to monitor the system from your mobile device 24/7 is a needs must for most construction companies who operate around the clock.

Site safety isn't just about fire - that's why Howler introduced the GoLink with First Aid Assistance. Now you'll be able to call for help using GoLink, and as the control panel will show the location of the incident, assistance will arrive as rapidly as possible: maybe making the difference between life and death for the victim.

Separate call buttons ensure GoLink differentiates between 'fire' and 'accident' so there is no confusion, and options to link to an Autodialler, or to activate all beacons on site, ensure GoLink will cater to your individual site needs


  • SMS message alerts
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Easy set-up
  • Compatible with all GoLink products

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Fire Alarms & Equipment

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