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Conventional & Addressable Devices

It’s no secret that fire protection is as important a concept as any in and around the home, business and workplace, as well as entertainment venues. Most of these places achieve a competent level through the use of fixed fire alarm devices. Here at Fire Safety Store, we are delighted to have the very best in fire protection and fixed fire alarm devices available to safeguard your premises.

We only stock the best items and specially select our products to offer only the utmost in comprehensive protection so you can rest assured that you are receiving the ultimate in fire safety. Our range consists of Apollo Series 65 Detectors and Apollo XP95 Addressable Detectors. Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd are based in the United Kingdom and have been providing quality products since 1980. They have been awarded a Royal warrant of appointment so you can be rest assured you are getting items of the highest standard. Apollo manufacture and test the most modern technology to make the safest and most effective products for fire alarm installers.

We have a comprehensive choice of Apollo Series 65 detectors covering heat, smoke and flame recognition to ensure your property is covered in the unfortunate event of an outbreak of fire. Featuring the latest sensing technology and able to operate at a voltage of up to 33V DC, these top of the range detectors are also versatile and able to be implemented as part of a security system with the use of a relay base, making them ideal for both commercial and industrial buildings.

Our XP95 fixed fire alarm devices and detectors are the most up to date analogue detectors from Apollo. We have smoke, heat and multisensor options to ensure that you get exactly what your location needs. This range of devices is completely independent of electrics and is also subject of alarm address making sourcing them easy for users.

On top of these fantastic fixed fire alarm devices, we can also offer stock call points, beacons, sounders and circuit controllers to put you completely in command of your fire alarm system.

For more information on fixed fire alarm devices, simply visit our product pages or call us free of charge on 0800 3160890 to speak to a helpful member of our vibrant team.

You could be getting your hands on our items as early as tomorrow in some cases. Our next day delivery service is applicable to our stunning range of fixed fire alarm device when you place your order before 2pm.