Kidde 10SC0 Combination Smoke And CO Alarm

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The Kidde 10CS0 Combination Smoke and CO alarm is a battery powered device that has many built in features to keep you safe from the dual dangers of smoke and carbon monoxide in one unit which can easily mounted to almost any surface and is powered by a single 9V battery.

A key feature of this item is that of its voice alarm feature which provides you with a range of different message to help you understand the changes in the enviroment and your actions when activating features of the device. A special feature of this is that the product can also tell you of detection that may have been picked up after the event has happen helping in figuring out the cause of a problem.

Another feature of this item is that of the peak level memory function that comes built into the devices system which allows for you to be notified via voice and LED when dangerous CO levels have been detected as well as if they where detected in the past.

The final features of this item is that of the Hush Button which allows for you to temporarily silence the alarm incase of times where it may activate due to cooking stopping the nuisance of the sound as well as the test / reset button which helps in providine security to the person using it allowing them to check to see if the alarm works without having to trigger the detectors.

This product is designed to be wall or ceiling mounted, this battery-powered unit is perfect for when space is limited but protection is paramount. It Can be used in most locations throughout the home but check in the in-pack Guildlines for specific installation instructions.


  • Voice Alarm Feature: Tells you which danger has been detected even after the event.
  • Peak Level Memory: Provides Notification (Voice and LED) when dangerous CO levels have been previosly detected
  • Front Loading Battery Compartment: Makes changing the battery easy and conveinient
  • Hush Button: Used to temporarily silence Nusance Alarms
  • Test / Reset Button: Used to allow regular testing of alarm function
  • Battery Operation: 9V battery Supplied as Standard

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