Vibrating Pillow Units

Available from the Fire Safety Store is the FireAngel, Agrippa and Deafgard pillow fire alarm units which are suitable for those of hard hearing or deaf people. The FireAngel flashing strobe and vibrating pad will be triggered to alert someone who may not be able to hear the audible alarm. The flashing strobe provides a visual warning for waking hours, while the vibrating pad is designed to be placed under a pillow or a mattress and is suitable for waking an individual to alert them when an alarm sounds.

The Agrippa Pillow Fire Alarm is a battery powered, wire-free device that has a pad attachment which goes underneath a pillow. The alarm uses a 'listen and learn' digital wire-free technology to listen to the unique sound of a specific alarm. Upon hearing the alarm, the pillow fire alarm will produce a high intensity LED light flash, vibrate and display 'fire' on the LCD screen display.